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What is Relaza?

 The social psychology subdivides characters of people into 16 groups.  Do you know your type?   If not, pass a simple test to determine.

After testing is complete, you can read a full description of your personality type.

Knowing the personality type two people, you can accurately know the relationships between them. This allows you to understand how these relationships will evolve and influence them.

Make a map of the relationship between the people of your surroundings. Find people with whom you are comfortable. Relaza is integrated with all major social networks. By clicking on the social network icon on the user's avatar, you can go to him social network page.

Everyone who has chosen and who has confirmed his personality type receives a certificate with a full description of the nature of his type, his strengths and weaknesses. As well as recommendations for their development and suitable areas of activity. 

A certificate can be presented to anyone to whom you want to show what kind of personality you have. It's easier to give a link to a certificate with a standard description than to explain your character with words

A good solution is to exchange certificates when you meet. This allows you to understand how your relationships will develop and influence them.


Distribution of website users by type as a percentage can be viewed here



 Here you will be able to know the attitude of those around you and to find in the Internet the people with whom you will be psychologically comfortable.

Relaza integrated with many social networks. Clicking on the icon of the social network on a user's avatar you can go to his public page in this social network.