Certificate of personality type

Everyone who has chosen and confirmed his personality type receives a certificate of a personality type for free.

The certificate is accompanied by a full professional description of the character with recommendations for improvement and a list of suitable and inappropriate professions.

A certificate can be presented to anyone you want to explain your character to. In most cases, it is easier to refer to a certificate with an official description than to explain your character in words. The user chooses his personality type independently and personally confirms the correspondence of the description to his character. The certificate is kept forever or until it is canceled by the owner. Valid certificates for today: 


The owners of the two certificates can see which relationships are likely to develop between them. A good tone to exchange certificates when dating. More about the definition of relationships

Below is the content of the certificate. If the user has not uploaded his photo, the certificate will have a photo from puzzles.

Сертификат типа личности

  Что такое "Индикатор MBTI"

  Что такое "Соционика"