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Beknur Suiin. Personality type passport

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Surname: Suiin

Name: Beknur

MBTI personality type: ESFJ

Descriptive alias: Enthusiast, Consul

Sociotype: Ethical Sensory Extrоvert (ESE)

Quadra: Alpha

Date and place of issue: 22.09.2020
Nursultan, Kazakhstan

Confirmed: Beknur Suiin

Reinin traits
Logical Ethical
Intuitive Sensing
Extrоvert Introvert
Irrational Rational
Democratic Aristocratic
Yielding Obstinate
Carefree Farsighted
Constructive Emotive
Tactical Strategic
Static Dynamic
Positive Negative
Process Result
Subjective Objective
Reasonable Decisive
Asking Declaring
Model A functions
Base emotive ethics
Creative experiential sensing
Role practical logic
Vulnerable temporal intuition
Suggestive structural logic
Mobilizing intuition of possibilities
Limiting relational ethics
Demonstrative volitional sensing